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Secret Birds - Moon Clouds Infinite (Cassette + Download)

Secret Birds - Moon Clouds Infinite (Cassette + Download)
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Side A PART I     14:31
Side B PART II    14:18 (listen to a sample Here)

We’ve been loosing ourselves here on the west-coast recently basking in the sweet fall sunshine and Secret Bird’s new jam, Moon Clouds Infinite, so much so that we almost forgot to get this bad boy pressed...Oooops! This new release marks a radical departure from earlier incarnations of the band. Having consisted of almost 30-band members in the past working on a revolving door basis, Secret Birds has and always will be the brain-child of one man, D.Black. 

Early releases consisted of a kraut/psyche vibe with a strong under tone of doom metal. Whilst these styles still remain, they’re nothing more than a faint under current beneath the surface of their invigorated sound. This is new and improved user-friendly Secret Birds, uncluttered and with a clear distinct objective to make your head nod but also move your hips.  Across Moon Clouds Infinite we hear bollywood, hypnagogic, doom metal, pop, kraut and a host of other tags you could lay on this album, but you know what?! that’s just cruel because maybe, just maybe this is a new style, genre or whatever you want to call it. Ultimately we at Sonoptik call it honest! 

D.Black is a man like no other we’ve met, he cares little for anything else in the world other than his music/songs/craft (but we also know at crunch time family and friends are number 1). He forgoes the niceties that others think they need in order to “make music," so he keeps things simple to create and jam regularly because he is truly driven to “make” music. 

Moon Clouds Infinite is a thinking-man’s ambience, provocative but not distracting with the right amount of subtle shifts, abrupt changes and lulling melodies, we have a hunch at Sonoptik that D.Black is on the cusp of something big… we feel that in time he’ll either make a decent impression in the sound world or the only alternative will end up with a ‘Chicken & Biscuits’ chain to rival America’s finest. One or the other that’s for sure!!


releases 02 November 2011 
Recorded by D.Black at Double Attack, Aug-Sept 2011. Thank You to the Fraliens